Sofie Dossi Squeezes Into A Suitcase, Cooks A Snack With Her Feet & Talks AGT | CHSH | People

Sofie Dossi, America’s Got Talent’s superhuman contortionist, and her music producing brother, Zak Dossi, are this week’s contestants on Celebrity Home Scavenger Hunt! Sofie showed us that it might be possible to crack an egg with just your feet, and Zak showed us that it definitely is possible to swoon at a love song about Mac n’ Cheese. Those are normal things, right?

00:00 Introduction
00:16 Meet the contestants
00:58 Smallest object Sofie could fit into
02:47 Object that reminds you of what you are most proud of
03:21 What would 10 year old Sofie say
04:09 An object that embodies the other person
06:00 An item that's MORE flexible and an item that is LESS flexible than Sofie
07:15 Write a love song to Mac & Cheese
08:30 Dream music collab
09:17 Who likes Halloween more?
09:45 Subtle Superpower
11:27 Assemble a snack without using your hands
15:31 Rapid fire Q&A

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Welcome to Celebrity Home Scavenger Hunt, the only show where stars are surprised by what they find in their own home! Celebrity Home Tour Meets a Spontaneous Scavenger Hunt as the People team provides the talent with tasks - live and on the spot - to find interesting personal items around their house and selfie-video themselves finding them. It all ends with a rapid fire Q&A of burning questions the talent's fans have always wanted to know!

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Sofie Dossi Squeezes Into A Suitcase, Cooks A Snack With Her Feet & Talks AGT | CHSH | People
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