Space Jam: A New Legacy Review

Space Jam: A New Legacy reviewed by Francesca Rivera.

Space Jam: A New Legacy gets a modern update to one of nostalgia's largest strongholds. LeBron James' performance is self-deprecating and earnest, if not a bit uneven, but excels when it matters the most, especially against Don Cheadle's chaotic villain and Cedric Joe's vulnerable Dom. The story and characters navigate a whole new digital world, filled with different animation styles and impressive visual effects. The movie doesn't shy away from being "in" on its own ware-peddling, using popular franchises effectively for big visual jokes, but is ultimately overindulgent to a point where our beloved Looney Tunes heroes are sidelined in what should've been a return vehicle. However, the central story about a father and son cuts through the excess, giving Space Jam a heart and a message that encourages staying true to oneself in the pursuit of passion.

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