Tapioca Cookies - Bánh Phục Linh

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60g sugar
100g coconut milk
105g tapioca starch/flour
10 pandan leaves
• Combine sugar with coconut milk in a small sauce pan. Stir till dissolved over low heat. Leave to cool.
• In a large wok or skillet, toast flour and pieces of pandan leaves on low heat until the leaves are completely dried and crispy. Remove dried leaves and lumps of dried flour from flour using a strainer. Leave to cool.
• Coat the mold with some toasted flour to prevent sticking.
• You can divide the flour into batches and color each batch differently. For each batch you need 3 tbsp flour (8g), 1 tbsp coconut mixture. Add a few drops of your favourite color to the coconut mixture. Mix well and add gradually to the flour. Rub with your hands till a smooth flour is achived. Avoid adding too much of coconut milk to the flour at once as it tends to clump.
• When flour is smooth, powdery and moist, pour flour into the mold. Use your thumb or finger to pack flour down tight.
• Flip the mold over and tap on the back or the sides of the mold to remove the cookies.
• Keep these cookies in an airtight container.
Bánh phục linh
- Nguyên liệu:
105g bột năng
60g đường
100g nước cốt dừa
10 lá dứa
- Cách làm:
Cho đường vào nước cốt dừa rồi đun
Khuấy đều cho đến khi đường tan thì tắt bếp
Bỏ là dứa vào bột rồi rang lên, vặn lửa nhỏ: 8 phút
Lưu ý: Rang không được để bột vàng, bóp lá thấy giòn là OK
Đảo bằng phó cho chín đều bột
Áo khuôn bằng bột
Trộn hỗn hợp theo công thức cho vào máy xay xay cho nhuyễn
3 tbsp bột (8g)
1 tbsp cốt dừa
3 giọt phẩm màu
Cho bột đã xay vào khuôn và nén chặt
Gõ bột ra khỏi khuôn

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